Podcast: Using influencers to bridge Internal and External Comms

My podcast debut! 🙌  🎧

I was invited to talk about internal and external communications in the Internal Comms podcast from Happeo. A special thanks to Jonathan Davies for the great chat and invite!

Check the podcast out below. ⬇️ 

Summary by Happeo:

New year, new podcast episode! We’re kicking off on a fresh and positive note – mindful communications, happy employees, brand ambassadors, and advocates. Those also happen to be part of the many passions of our guest, Frank van de Koppel from HPB (Het PR Bureau). Today he’s here to look at their role in both Internal and External Comms, so make sure you don’t miss out, whichever side of corporate communications you’re on. 

You can listen or watch the episode, or scroll down to read the transcript.  Let’s tune in to 2021, shall we?